Bladeless Drone

Bladeless Aircraft Concept



Mohyi Labs is applying product development concepts to architecture. These are early stage design concepts for Mohyi Labs Smart House that will incorporate Mohyi Labs innovations on every level to maximize user experience, while minimizing cost and waste. If you are interested in incorporating your technology into the Mohyi Labs ecosystem, please reach to

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Auto Kitchen




Mohyi Labs Surface Desk

Syringe Holders

These syringe holders were designed as a simple fix for quickly counting Botox and Dysport syringe inventory in a cosmetic clinic. Before, the syringes were stored in bags and had to be counted individually. With the syringe holders, the syringes could be counted in fives or tens. This increased inventory efficiency and decreased counting mistakes. This simple design is patent pending.

Wine Rack

The below Wine Rack Blue Prints and assembly assembly instructions with video are dedicated to my sister Paula. Click the following link for a PDF of the Wine Rack Blueprints. If you have a product that requires assembly and could use a good animation, contact


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