General Contact
John Mohyi

Notification List
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Team & Technical Advisers
John Mohyi (CEO)
John is the founder of Mohyi Labs and bladeless propulsion inventor. Highlights include: Former Program Manager of UAS Operations at Detroit Aircraft Corporation; Expertise in CAD, 3D printing, government relations, rapid prototyping, industrial design, patents, and business development; Patent on Impeller-Based Vehicle Propulsion System.

Anthony Navarro (Computer Engineer)
Anthony is a computer engineer and technical leader. He worked as a systems and software engineer at Lockheed Martin on both satellite systems and autonomous platforms and was selected to be a part of their Advanced Technical Leadership program. He leads the Robotics and Self-Driving Car teams at Udacity.

Eric Z. (Aerospace Engineer)
Eric is an aircraft mechanical engineer and performs testing of the propulsion system. Highlights include: Secret Clearance; Mechanical Engineer; Licensed Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic (FAA license); Licensed Avionics Technician, Radiotelephone Operator and RADAR Endorsement (FCC license).

Jendrik Jördening (Data Scientist)
Jendrik is an experienced data scientist focusing on autonomy, self-driving cars, and deep learning. After studying Physics and Space Science and Technology, where he determined the communication strategies for the Mars 2020 rover, he started working at Akka Germany as a Data Scientist.

Jeff Hall (Mechanical Engineer)
Jeff is a mechanical engineer and product design engineer. Jeff has consulted and done prototyping work for many startups.  Among other skills, Jeff is skilled in CAD, 3D printing, and CNC work.

Perry DiClemente (Aerospace Engineer)
Perry is an award winning aircraft engineer, designer, and  veteran (Naval Flight Officer) who has spent the past three decades bringing new products to market. He worked as a Senior Configuration Specialist for McDonnell Douglas for 15 years; as the Director of Integration Services for Eclipse Aviation; and as a new product development Manager at NAVAIR among others. Past programs include McDonnell Douglas, Inc. (FA‐18E/F), Eclipse Aviation, Inc. (Model 500 Very Light Jet), Department of the Navy (SeaScout Seaworthy Unmanned Air Vehicle), and ICON Aircraft (ICON A5 Amphibian Light Sport Aircraft).

James Shaw (Simulation Expert / MBA)
James Shaw is an expert in Computer Aided Design & Engineering (CAD/CAE) Software, Lean Product Development, Commercialization, Process Improvement, and Knowledge Management.

Elecia White (Embedded Software Engineer)
Elecia White is a principal embedded software engineer at Logical Elegance, Inc, a small consulting firm in California. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for engineering and devices through writing and speaking. Elecia is the author of O’Reilly’s Making Embedded Systems, host of, and editor/blogger at Her past projects include children’s toys, a DNA scanner, inertial measurement units, Fitbit, and a gunshot location system.