Mohyi Labs is a Research & Development company obsessed with perfecting quiet impeller technology. We started with developing our patented impeller-based propulsion system for multi-rotor drones, the “Bladeless Drone,” and in the process solved an industry-wide problem with excess noise and high-pitch frequencies generated by higher RPM Impeller operation. We are in the process of integrating that now patent-pending technology into a variety of consumer and industrial products. Contact John@MohyiLabs for more information.

Mohyi Labs is also focused on further developing our impeller-driven “Bladeless Drone”. Mohyi Labs has pioneered a breakthrough Ducted Counter-Vortex Impeller technology that will revolutionize not only the consumer drone industry, but also the future of logistics and personal transportation. Its patented geometry works by altering the airflow out of a vortex pattern and converting it into useable thrust. Additional advantages of the technology include the ability to operate both in the air and in sub-aquatic environments.

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